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A short film portrait of the Los Angeles Free Music Society in which members of the long running experimental music collective shine light on their fearless exploration of sound.


Directed & Edited by:

Holly Thompson & Mark "Frosty" McNeill

Featuring LAFMS Members: 

Ace Farren Ford

Dennis “Duck” Mehaffey
Fredrik Nilsen
Joe Potts
Joseph Hammer
Mitchell Brown
Rick Potts
Tom Recchion

Special thanks to:

Chip Chapman, Ron Stivers, Alex Pelly, Callie Ryan, Danny Gromfin, Bill Yahraus and Genevieve Danenberg.

“Check out this film. It’s about something you don’t know about but you do know about, and if you're a noise nerd you definitely know about... While all these wankers were toodle jerkin’ their geetars, or gettin’ rockin roll geetarded, these dudes were breaking shit, wrangling wild tape loops, making jerk-canned techno and generally fucking the fabric of time! So dope.” - Peaking Lights










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